Angus brought home a tasty treat to share with the family. I looked out the front door and saw this gray thing hanging out of his mouth. For a second I thought it was a rabbit, then I say the long scaled rat like tail. He was so excited that he caught an armadillo. He was struting around with his ears cocked back with it hanging out of his mouth. Despite asking him numerous times to drop it he refused to let it go. I sure as hell didn’t want to grab that nasty thing and try to pry it from his mouth. So I picked up Angus and shook him until he dropped it. Angus tried to gulp it down whole, but it was much too big. I knocked him in the head a couple times and he finally dropped it. The armadillo took off and ran to the nearest corner of my house to cower. I carried Angus inside the house and went back out to find Duncan going in to take a closer look. He was more cautious and didn’t try to eat it, but I had to chase him off to prevent any nasty confrontations. I snapped a few pictures of the beast.


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  1. tracy Says:

    wow, this is a far cry from the bunnies my brittanys bring home to me! lol
    it looks ugly…..hopfully angus does not try to eat one of these he may choke to death…..i worry about that boy…
    love ya’ all!

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