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Dog Room

The rest of the dog steps were poured. This is where my boys will spend the day while I am at work. They have their own room with a dog door, porch and steps down to their fenced dog run.


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Exterior Materials

Here are some of the exterior materials that we are considering. These are not pictures of my house, just examples of materials.


We plan to use gray limestone for the majority of the house.


Here is an example of flint colored cembonit. This will be on the children’s bedroom wing.


In this close up you can see the exposed stainless steel fasteners.


Here is an example of the PBD panel we plan to use on the tower. The picture is rusty corten steel. We are going to use this profile in galvalume so it will not rust. We didn’t want to have the surrounding areas stained or have the little monkey ruining her clothes.

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Bath Time

When we had the forklift I placed the marble bathtub on the slab. All 2200 pounds of this hand carved Crema Marfil beauty. I placed it on steel pipes so the plumber and ten of his helpers can roll it into position. Angus can’t wait to enjoy his first bath.


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Steel Erection

Look what I did on my paternity leave! I did spend a little time bottle feeding my beautiful daughter Eva, and I even changed a few diapers. I spent most of my time bolting together our new garage. Thanks to the generous help of my Dad and oldest friend Garrett, I really couldn’t have done it without you!!! Garrett and Catherine were kind enough to stop in Austin for a week during their tour of the US. I did my best to show them around Austin, tempered with a generous amount of hard work.


The first steel span really gave us some confidence. It was really easy to install. We just bolted it together, raised it up and bolted it down to the slab.


The second span was just as easy as the first.


We added a few girts and the webbing to stiffen it up.


The end walls were a bit shaky until we tightened the bolts and tied it to the main spans with girts. The end columns were cold rolled from a lighter guage.


Dad likes the big boy toys!


Here is Garrett bolting up the roof purlins.


We set the roofing in place before we installed the purlins on the center bay.


All of the purlins and the eave are bolted up.

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