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Ming Green Vessel Sink

I bought a ming green vessel sink today for the office bath. I have found so many wonderful things on ebay. This will be our fifth stone vessel in the house, but who cares, I think they look great. We have some crema marfil sinks to match the master tub and matching sinks for both the honey and green onyx baths.



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Master Bath Tile

I ordered the master bath tile a few days ago. We decided to go with what our designer recommended or something close to it. Joel recomended that we get thassos marble for the master bath. I found an amazing deal on some white onyx for half the price. I bought some 4″X12″ for the floor to run in a herringbone pattern. The shower walls and the entire east wall behind the vanities and bath tub will be a 2″X12″ stacked in a running pattern. This will look great with the crema marfil tub and sinks.


I still bought some ming green marble, but we will put it in the office bath instead. The last bath yet to design is the powder.


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My Girls


My girls visited the house today and were amazed by the progress!

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Stucco Scratch and Brown Coat





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San Saba Sandstone

This is how we are going to have our stone installed. This is a 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″ chop with 12″X48″ pieces added. It is staked with a minimal joint for a dry stacked look. We will have an equal mix of the buff color, chocolate and blue/gray. Our colors will be different than what is pictured. We are driving 80 miles west tomorrow to San Saba, where it is quarried to pick it out.





Here are the samples I collected today in San Saba. Now I just need to figure out the ratio and place my order on Monday.

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Master Bath Tile

Below are some photos of the tile I found for the master bath. Ming Green Marble cut to 2″X18″ for $5 a square foot. They have other sizes as well, 2″X12″, 4″X12″. These other sizes would look better in a herringbone pattern, but that is what I plan to do in the kids baths. I need to have a talk with our designer to figure this out. I think the 2″X18″ would look just as great on the floor. These photos are just examples, this is not my house.





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This is Where I Want the Stucco

They removed the lathe and tore down the scaffolding the next day and started installing it in the right place. The brown coat starts on Monday.






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Stucco Started in the Wrong Place

Imagine my reaction when I showed up and the stucco crew was just finishing up paper and lathe on the tower. Um… that is the wrong place! Stucco goes on the bedroom wing. Sorry you wasted a full day.


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Fireplace Framing

I framed around the firebox last weekend. This will support the stone facade and will be where we mount the TV.



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Welding Progress

I added the top rail to the upstairs railing last weekend.




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