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Tile Update

I have been busy every weekend laying tile. I wore the skin off my fingers last weekend from rubbing excess thinset off the tile. They were very sensitive for a few days. I have made good progress, but I still have a lot left to lay. The electrician hooked up all of the lights so now I can start to work late without fumbling around in the dark. It gets really dark out there at night.


Crema Marfil marble in the office.


Crema Marfil marble in the master bath.


Crema Marfil marble in the master closet.


Ming Green marble in the office bath.


Green Onyx in the guest bath. I love how it looks with the tan/orange paint.


Honey Onyx in Eva’s bath.

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Tower Siding Completed

Pardon my delay in posting I have had a busy month. Many things have happened since my last post. Here are some pictures of the completed siding.




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Bathtub Installation

We finally installed the marble bath tub. I put this thing on the foundation months ago with a forklift, we literally built the house around it. They manufacturer said it weighed 2200 pounds. Those engine hoists are only suposed to lift 1500 pounds, which is why I rented two. They were difficult to manuver around. We just kept lifting them up and pushing them over a few inches, then we moved the hoists and started over. There were five plumbers and myself, but the hoists did all of the heavy lifting. It felt good to finally put it in place. The bathroom looks much bigger without the tub in the middle.





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